Spiritual and Physical Health


I have started a new blog here because I’ve decided I want to take a new direction. Some of these new articles will be focused on fitness (fat loss, etc.) as I’ve begun a new journey to improve all aspects of my health.

Let’s first go back to where I was a couple of years ago. My life was quite a mess to be honest with you. I was in a relationship that turned out to be one-sided, meaning I was committed to him but it was far from mutual. He said he cared about me, but his actions showed otherwise. We broke up and I spent a few weeks feeling really down. Most of my friends have good guys so I wondered why I ended up with such losers.

One of my friends gently confronted me and said maybe I needed to change my outlook and the choices I was making. I realized that she was right–I needed to take charge of my life if I wanted different outcomes.

I decided it was time to get healthy–inside and out. I started working on spiritual and emotional health first. I haven’t been to church in a few years and it’s affected my relationship with God. I started attending with one of my friends and I even started going to a Bible study. I decided to put romance on the back burner for a while and just focus on my relationship with God. It was kind of liberating to leave behind all that drama for a while.

I also started looking to get physically healthy again. It’s not that I was in terrible shape but I had stopped going to the gym. I needed a program to get back into things so I started doing a little bit of research online. I looked up “bikini body workout” online and compared Jen Ferruggia vs. Kayla Itsines programs (you can click here to see the article I read). They both looked pretty good but Jen’s was less expensive so I ordered hers.

I studied the Bikini Body Workouts program material and started to do everything she said: training, diet–everything. Within just a few weeks I noticed that I was getting a bit leaner (though I didn’t really need to lose much weight). I also felt much, much better. A clean diet and regular exercise can make a big difference!

I’m in good space now: mentally, spiritually, and physically. I’d encourage you to consider the choices you make and don’t be afraid to start making different ones. Change is hard, but so is staying the same.

Updated: I’m still working out and feeling great!!